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Clipper Blade Sharpener: Treyco Model 2000

More pet groomers choose the Treyco Model 2000, and for good reason - it's extremely easy to use!

Who wants to be bothered with complicated equipment and time-consuming procedures? Your job is to get the job done for your customers - quickly, efficiently and easily.

That's why the Treyco Model 2000 is the easy choice  for all your clipper blade sharpening needs.

Magnetic holders allow quick and easy blade loading. video

Double-sided honing disc, with hollow side for Oster blades, flat side for Stewart blades. video

Sharpens both cutter and comb simultaneously - saving you valuable time. video

Automatic arms sharpen clipper blades uniformly for maximum sharpness and blade life. video

  • Production rate of 12 to 16 sets per hour
  • Established in 1946, Treyco has sold thousands of Clipper Blade Sharpening Machines worldwide - attesting to its universal acceptance by professionals
  • Guaranteed against defective parts for one year
  • 30-day money back guarantee (providing machine is returned shipping, pre-paid, in undamaged condition).
  • Comes complete with 1 pound honing powder, atomizer, 16-oz. honing oil, metal removal gauge, instructional manual, and video instructional tape
  • Affordable at only $1,399.00 (USD), the Model 2000 is an investment in your focus on quality and your goal of profitability! With it's easy-to-use, high precision capabilities, and low price tag, it's easy to see why we call it "The Groomer's Best Friend!"

Model 2000 Clipper Blade Sharpening Machine is a trusty companion your shop shouldn't be without.
Why? For at least 2 important reasons:

  1. The Treyco Model 2000 is the easiest to use unit of its kind -- providing you with the convenient capability of sharply honing clipper blade sets in just 2 minutes.
  2. It's ideal for establishing a separate profit center in your shop -- by offering blade sharpening services in addition to your grooming or animal care business.

Contact us for all your sharpening needs including questions, training and supplies.